Team Textile, where made-to-measure goes beyond measure!

Team Textile specializes in the development, design, production and distribution of functional, high quality, custom made sports wear.

Because we at Team Textile manufacture everything in our own factory we can be extremely flexible in what we produce. Team Textile is a specialist in made-to-measure sports clothing and always applies the latest ideas and the best materials.

Team Textile has an extensive collection of basic designs which can be modified online to meet individual requirements. Furthermore, customers are welcome to join forces with our design department to develop and accomplish their own ideas; and we do not have a minimum offtake.

At Team Textile our goal is to manufacture sports clothing which sets the tone in the global market. We achieve this through advanced products of the highest quality combined with excellent service.

Through the experience gained during an active sporting life of many years and by operating in close contact with the world of sport, Team Textile is rapidly able to turn the wishes and demands of the most exacting sports man or woman into a carefully selected collection.

Driven by an overwhelming ambition to achieve our goal, we at Team Textile are constantly on the lookout for new developments and possibilities which will always allow us to provide the customer with the best product.